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Autotint believe that after 40 years of experience in the film business we understand the pressures and problems our trade customers face – because we’ve seen it from their side!


We know exactly what’s needed in today’s difficult marketplace; High quality product, on-time delivery, peerless customer service indispensable back-up and insider know-how, marketing assistance and professional tools.


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5 reasons to Stick with Autotint


Over 40 years of experience

That’s a huge amount of knowledge and advice that we are willing to share with you. We no longer install tints to cars so we can pass all leads and enquiries direct to the nearest Solar Gard dealer. We’ve been doing this a long time, there’s not much we don’t know about the business. We’re good at it. 

Dedicated customer service

Unrivalled professional back-up and support. Friendly, with loads of know-how and always here to help. If you have a problem or need to see us in person – just ask! 

A warranty that means something

Backed by Solar Gard and St-Gobain you have the strongest industry support behind the words and ‘small print’ involved in warranty issues. 

Custom cut – no extra charge

We will cut rolls to any width you need – at no extra charge. We do this all the time – not just as a special offer. We can also supply cut lengths of any product, so if you have a specialised small enquiry, you don’t have to buy a full roll. Just tell us exactly what you want and how you want it

Solar Gard – a brand you can trust

We only supply Solar Gard – a brand that has been around in the UK and worldwide since window films were invented. No re-boxing or re-labelling of commodity products. All of our films are supplied direct from Solar Gard – a trusted and ethical global brand.



If something seems too good to be true…

Offered a product cheaper than we can supply it? Chances are its either a mistake, or not a ‘like-for-like’ scenario. Insist on proof. Ask questions. Its easy for someone to claim the earth but put them to the test and things start to unravel. If you’re unsure why not ask us? Yes, we want you to stick with us – but we pride ourselves on being honest and ethical. If someone genuienly is offering you exactly the same product for less with no strings then we’ll admit it. But they won’t, because they can’t.

The grass is always greener…

The impressive new guy with all the chat and great prices and everything you ever wanted from your film supplier. Really? They’re salesmen. Of course they can do anything at any price at any time…

But then back in the real world – we’ll only offer you what we feel is the best price for the right product. We’re not a ‘fly-by-night’ just out for a fast buck. We’ve been around for 40 years. Our customers trust us. If you think we’re letting you down on price or service – call us. Let’s talk it through and see if we can convince you to stick with us.

Some warranties aren’t worth the paper  they’re printed on…

… and that’s if you even GET a printed version! Take a good look at the small print on any warranty that’s waved in front of you as proof off dependability and incentive. Is it a  genuine manufacturer’s warranty? Is the address and contact for any follow up in the UK? When you weed out the nonsense and legalspeak – what does it actually promise? 

All our film comes with a full Solar Gard manufacturer’s warranty as standard – which means that, in the unlikely event of any problems, your customer can claim directly from them if they  need to.

If someone says they can get you a better price on Solar Gard film than us – they’re lying…

… no messing here. Its just a fact. We are the preferred supplier of Solar Gard in the UK and no one gets better prices than us. Don’t believe us? Ask Solar Gard! They were supplying direct to the UK market since day one – and when they eventually decided to chose a  company to do it for them instead, they chose us. We’re partners. Get the facts before going with the new ‘best thing’.


If you have any queries about window film, pricing, or products – contact us.

Stick with Autotint.