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Raj specialises in tinting cars in the Slough and general Berkshire area.

Raj likes to talk through the options – the Pros & Cons of each film and tint – so prefers to call round to our ‘trade counter’ and deal direct.

He had a commercial enquiry from a dentist where the large panel of glass separating the waiting areas offered little privacy. Raj looked at the products in our unit and, unusually, picked a bronze reflective film. Unusual because it is not a popular film. But Raj was not put off and purchased cut lengths to fit the window.



The end result was fantastic and the client (and Raj) were very happy.

Which just goes to show that although we give advice, the dealer often knows his customer better 🙂


dentist - raj2

For your tints in the slough area, give Raj a call today!

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February 3, 2017